I have always said, since the day I met Janet, everyone should meet Janet at least once in their lifetime. Her life experiences can be beneficial to everyone. It feels good to talk to someone but it feels great to talk to someone as gentle, kind, and honest as Janet. Sweet truths and life lessons is what she brings to her lifecoaching. 

Our guests speak out on their experiences:

Healthy Cooking Classes

Holistically nourishing- body, mind, spirit. The class encourages a healthy diet where you learn about new and different ways to cook and learn about the health benefits and why we want to eat better foods.  

C.  from Pennsylvania

The class was fun, informative, inspiring, and lots of useful insights. The passion for cooking healthy was contagious.

​J. from Pennsylvania

​Retreats with Janet

Spirituality of the food, people, and Janet's caring for us. I am so grateful for the workshops that were given. I am feeling so much clearer and healthier.

B.  from Pennsylvania

I came tired, stressed, and feeling discouraged. I am leaving with more confidence, new tools, and leaving a whole pile of stress.

S.  from Vermont

I loved the yoga, steam sauna, warm and welcoming environment for growth, healthy nourishing meals, and beautiful country setting. Just perfect!!!

K.  from Pennsylvania

​Coaching with Janet

Working with Janet I have learned so many valuable tools to continue down the path of self awareness and change. I am not so overwhelmed and I can deal with stress in a much more healthy way. If you are tired of same old same and getting the same results, I invite you to do the work with Janet.  

L.  from Colorado​

Janet approached each of my obstacles with a positive, affirmative manner with heart felt suggestions to guide me through and over speed bumps. I have learned how to get out of my own way to so that I see clearer and have more freedom in my life.

M.  from Florida.