Mar. 31- April 2, 2017  join me and Cate LaBarre at Still Point Interfaith Retreat Center  near Saratoga, NY . This weekend will be all about nurturing the body, mind, and spirit.  You will learn how to rewrite your own selfcare story.  

Sunday July 30  Wiawaka Center for Women in Lake George, NY

Are you being called to show up and be seen brave in some area of your life? Living brave can be hard work but we are not meant to do this work alone.

Daily, weekly & seasonal services...


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Who I Work With and Why You Want to Work with ME

Are you ready to shed unsupported habits, and let go of toxicity in your body?
Are you ready to release the stress that is keeping you tired, stuck, and uninspired?
Are you ready to gain confidence as you begin to heal your relationship with yourself?
Rest, nature, herbs, detoxing foods, supportive body work, self discovery work, aromatherapy, and much more support this detoxing retreat.

                                      Explore topics of self trust, support, problem solving, gentle                                             yoga, meditation, and visualization.





Sessions by Appointment
One-on-one individual sessions (in person or via phone) and group sessions available.  Call 570-242-7232 or write for more info. 

Sign up for a Complimentary Clarity Session!​

I work with women who are tired of the struggle of transition.  All stressed out about money, divorce, health, weight, their life. You know who you are!  You are looking for clarity, relief, joy, and freedom. You know so much yet need support, encouragement, tools, and someone that can help with the stress of change. I may not know your story but I have one of struggle, fear, and letting go to find a much more joyful life!

 We all need someone who will really listen. I can help you get out of fear,  get out of your own way, and coach you to a place of confidence, clarity, and freedom.  I coach to help you to LOVE YOUR LIFE even in the struggle.  It is never too late to change. Now is the TIME!  Sign up for a Complimentary Clarity Session!​